CloudFlare DNS

CloudFlare DNS is a small utility I have created to use CloudFlare DNS as a dynamic dns service. Only requirements are .Net 4.0 framework installed and administrator permissions when installing. Download installer here.

It consist of two programs, a windows service and a settings program.
The installer will install the service (and start it), it will also launch the settings program upon completion of installation. Of course nothing will work until you populate the fields.

You will find the settings program located in Programs -> Eyetack -> CloudFlare DNS

CloudFlare DNS SettingsEmail and API is easy enough, that’s from your account page at CloudFlare.

The domain setting is all the hosts that you want to update. Multiple hosts are separated by semicolon.  Example:;;;

Update interval is in minutes, default is every 10 minutes.

The service is named “CloudFlare DNS”. The service will retrieve the public ip every xx minutes, then it will compare it to the data it saves locally. If the ip has changed the CloudFlare’s DNS will be updatet as will the local data. CloudFlare DNS will only be called if there is a change in ip address.

If you experience any problems, look in your event log. Updates of changed ip, errors and warnings are all logged in event log Application with source of CloudFlareDNS.

Any comments or features are welcome.